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The Pliester (and their relatives) Family History Site

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you will get some useful information out of it. The presentation is plain, simple and functional to minimise the time it takes to download and view pages.
This started off as a conventional home page. I was interested in family history and wanted to make my research available to other people, to avoid duplication of effort. The response was very encouraging and as information came in it became apparent that a more formal "home" was needed.

March 2001 - This site has now been moved to its own dedicated web space http://www.pliesterhistory.co.uk

November 2003 - I have just been contacted by a family member in Germany who kindly pointed out a few errors.  The family tree section has just been "re-generated" and hopefully the corrections are ok.  No dates are shown in this "tree" for individuals born since 1910, instead I shall continue to show the word "private" to respect the privacy of living individuals.

This site is run for Pliesters and related families.

See the family tree page for a list of surnames that link to this family
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The most common names to be included are:- Pliester, Bredt, van der Loeff, Veth, Elsas, Loh, Buurman, Mourus, Gratama, Taft, etc...

If you can supply more information or make suggestions on how to improve the site they will be gratefully received. If you would like to contribute articles or whole pieces of research then I am more than happy to credit you accordingly. Please remember, for me this is a spare time hobby and I only have a certain amount of time and money to spend on it.

Think of this as your site, it can only be as interesting as the material that you are able to provide to share with others.

For those of you who do not know me, and bearing in mind the absence of international borders on the Internet, my name is Les Sullivan, I am English, married with three young children and live a few miles South of Cambridge in UK. My wife is Christine (nee Pliester).

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